Our delightful scenery

Lissendorf is a small village in the southern part of the Vulcan Eifel at an altitude of approx. 450 meters. Along the village runs the river Kyll. It is a hilly and forest rich landscape. Lissendorf itself is a quiet village, central situated in between the toerist places, cities and activities in the German Eifel. Known cities like Cologne, Koblenz and Trier but also Belgium and Luxembourg are easy reachable from Lissendorf. A trip to the Moselle and Rhine (wine area) are also possible. Lissendorf has a trainstation from which you can travel easy and inexpensive to the hart of Trier en Cologne.

Northwest of Lissendorf you find the recreational area (Erholungsgebiet) within it "Feriendorf Lissendorf". It consists of approx. 150 houses. Some of them are permanent residents and a number of them are holidaylets. But the majority are weekend- and holidays homes of German residents. During the week it is normaly very quiet and some more activity during the weekends and holiday season. The route to the "Erholungsgebied"is well indicated with signs. And every street at the Feriendorf(holiday village) has it its joint parking at the southside.

Lissendorf is situated along the Eifelbahn, the railroad from Cologne to Trier (Eifel-Moselle-Express). This train is in service a few times every day. In the past the railroad was split in Lissendorf. This railroad called the Ahttalbahn went in to D├╝mpelfeld but was closed in 1982. The old control building (foto) or Fahrdienstleiter in German is still situated here. It is the oldest remaining and working signalbuilding that is operated with levers and cabels. In 2017 the building was renovated.